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We are all capable of doing amazing things. We are all worthy of these amazing things. Hunger shouldn't be an issue that stands in between us, but it is more common than we think. 

Food for all is an unarguable belief that we share together at butter candle co. We believe everyone has the fundamental right to be well nourished. Knowing that over 35 million people in the U.S. are struggling with hunger today, made it an easy decision for us to start chipping away at this, and giving back towards an organization that was close to home. 

Before the global pandemic, 1 in 5 of our neighbors in San Francisco and Marin were at risk of hunger. The SF Marin Food Bank is now supporting 2x the number of households per week. Given Covid-19 and the hardships that followed, we’ve learned that food insecurity in our community is rising.

Now more than ever, we’re learning that we can only rise together when we work together. As we socially distance and take care of each other, maybe in this shared moment butter can enable us to do good together. Organizations such as the SF Marin Food Bank makes it possible so that we’re looking after our community. It starts with food. It starts with fair access. 

So from now until November 15th, we’ll be gathering a percentage of sales from each candle jar sold from our shop and will be donating to the SF Marin Food Bank before Thanksgiving. Every dollar donated provides 2 meals for neighbors in need.

Let’s come together and do good. 


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  • I have to say these candles are amazing! Since this is an online company, and you can’t smell each scent, it was really hard to determine which candle to purchase. So, I reached out to the company for a recommendation. They were super friendly and stated one of their best sellers was Butter.I was a little hesitant since I am not a big fan of sweet scents but I trusted their recommendation So I went ahead and purchased Butter. I was so excited when I received my package. it came in a large chic frosted jar with a cute cork top as it shows online. Definitely larger than an expected! What I love about this candle that is has 2 wicks,so when burning the soy wax is burning evening and you are getting the bang for your buck.I was so pleased with the scent. this candle made me rethink “sweet” smells I would say its not too potent that the scent over loading but nicely throws the scent even before stepping in my room. I am religiously lighting this candle every morning. Also, a fun fact is that I use the cord top as a coaster for my morning tea/coffee. Also with this package I was given 3 samples candles with their fall collection and fell in love with Point Reyes. So immediately when the fall collected launched I purchased that candle as well. I am now alternating Butter and Point Ryes every morning and evening. These candles are much more expensive than some of the other brands that have purchased in the past but, I can definitely say it is will worth every penny! I am super excited for the diffusers to launch this Friday! I will definitely be buying these candles for the holidays for gifts =)

    Kristine Maki Tanaka on

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