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Hey there!

I'm Liz, and I'm one of the founders of butter candle co. Behind the scenes and our candles, it's just me and my best friends, Keizha and Yuka. I know this is a little overdue, but we thought it would be better late than never! We just opened up our shop in June, and it's been such a fun, fulfilling, wonderful journey. We're learning a ton each day, and have a good feeling that our candles can really bring you joy, no matter where you are.

It all started with our main collection, which is inspired by something close to all of our hearts, our home, San Francisco. The three of us share a bond of meeting in this majestic city. For those of you who've had the opportunity to visit or live in San Francisco, know that this city just has a way of bringing people together. The city is so beautiful in this way, letting us be free to exactly who we are. I'll never forget these moments, and know that you can relate, no matter where that special place is for you. For me, it was times like laughing in the fields of golden gate park, running my heart out and crying in the rain, hugging friends tight as Karl (the fog) held us altogether. We danced so much until our hearts almost stopped, sang at the top of our lungs, and felt the magic of the city as we pranced around at midnight. I cherish these collections of moments wherever I go, and it's within these times I truly got to feel love. This is what butter was built on, moments of clarity and the feeling of being carefree and warm at the same time. That's what I believe home should feel like, smell like. Bonfire on ocean beach, golden gate fog, and butter. 

We've spent sleepless nights working on butter, creating, planning, and making sure we're careful and intentful in every action we took. We're super proud of what we've come up with so far, and we're looking forward to continue building butter candle co., to new heights. A lot has changed since we first started, and it's odd to say that because we're still so new. After 9 amazing years in San Francisco, I moved to Portland at the end of July, but we've still been going hard, meeting virtually a few times a week, meeting several hours at a time, planning tirelessly for the next chapter, and the next chapter after that. I love this about us. Currently, I'm working on a production plan so I can begin making candles again in Portland, Keizha and Yuka are total badasses that have been holding down the fort, handling all production and operations while I get settled in my new home. To be transparent, you might start to see that some candles will be made in Portland, and some in San Francisco. The wild part about all this is that we're still figuring things out, and hope that you'll be patient with us as we pursue this. We love what we've got going so far, and have some exciting things coming.

In the meantime, as we continue to build, I hope you try us out if you haven't already! Please come to us with any feedback you may have. (as well as any scent ideas - we love that!)

Stay well.

With love and gratitude,



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  • The smell of your candle is overwelming at home so freshly i love it

    Dorie insigne on
  • Am a candle lover, actually I smell lots of candles already but I would say your candles guys are really addicted specially the golden gate fog I really loved it so refreshing smell and I would say so professional the way keizha’s pack it keep going guys😘 and create more diff smell thnx

    Maria rodriguez on
  • Am a candle lover actually I smell lots of candles already because I worked in walgreens Co. I have lots of diff. Kinds of candles but when I ordered to keizha I would say that their candles are diff is all refreshing smells I really loved the golden gate fog The most . Keep going guys….. and create more diff. Refreshing smell😘

    Kathy rodriguez on

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